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Mirage: Arcane Warfare has a wide variety of Character Customization allowing players to give their warriors a unique look on the battlefield. All of the customization options are cosmetic-only, with no effect on gameplay.

You can customize your classes per team, so you may have a different look for each class for each faction.

Customization Categories[edit | edit source]

Character[edit | edit source]

Type Description Image
Skin Tone Adjust the skin tone of your character.

One of 3 variations can be selected for:

- Western

- Southern

- Eastern

Each of these changes the facial structure slightly.

Skin tones for Bashrahn appear more "normal"

Skin tones for Azar bear the mark of the Jinn, which

the Bashrahni call "fallen" or "corrupted"

Customization - Character - Skin Tone.png
Hair Select a hairstyle for your character.

Hair styles can vary by class and gender.

Customization - Character - Hair.png
Hair Color Select a hair color for your character. Customization - Character - Hair Color.png
Tattoo Select a tattoo for your character. More tattoos are

unlocked as you progress through rank.

Some tattoos vary by team.

Tatoos unlock between ranks 1-25

Customization - Character - Tattoo.png
Eye Color Select an eye color for your character. Eye Color

varies by team.

Customization - Character - Eye Color.png

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Type Description Image
Helmet Select a helmet for your character.

Helmets vary by class aside from the

Pre-order/Special-Edition helmets.

Helmets unlock between ranks 1-25

Customization - Equipment - Helmet.png
Class Select a class accessory.

These vary by class.

Class items unlock between ranks 1-25

Customization - Equipment - Class.png
Emblem Select an emblem.

Emblems unlock between ranks 1-25

Customization - Equipment - Emblem.png
Trim Select an emblem.

Emblems unlock between ranks 1-25

Customization - Equipment - Trim.png
Jewelry Select jewelry for your character.

Jewelry varies by gender.

Customization - Equipment - Jewelry.png
Gradient Select an overall color gradient.

Colors vary by team.

Customization - Equipment - Gradient.png
Accent Color Select an accent color.

Colors vary by team.

Customization - Equipment - Accent Color.png

Weapon[edit | edit source]

Description Image
Select a weapon skin for your Primary

or Secondary Weapon.

Each weapon type has several skin variants

Weapons skins drop as you play in matches.

Items are categorized by Rarity (see below)

Weapon skins have no effect on weapon stats

Customization - Weapon.png

Rank and Progression[edit | edit source]

Item Rarity[edit | edit source]

Weapon skins are separated into grades of Rarity. The rarity of a weapon skin is shown as a colored tag on the corners of the Item Unlock window and the Customization > Weapon list.

Weapon Drop.png Weapon Rarity.png

Rarity Color Drop Rate
Common White 40%
Uncommon Green 34%
Rare Blue 16%
Epic Purple 8%
Legendary Yellow 2%